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Course Description:

This instructor-led training course is designed for personnel responsible for clearing alarms and performing facility, equipment, and system administration duties on the 6110 and 6130 systems


Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

• Identify the features and capabilities of the 6100 Family

• Understand how 6110 and 6130 fit into networks

• Identify the hardware components of the 6110 and 6130

• Describe Installation procedures for the 6100 equipment

• Navigate the Web User Interface (WUI)

• Perform user/security management

• Understand and provision data communications channels

• Identify synchronization options and carry out synchronization provisioning

• Perform commissioning and testing of the 6110 and 6130

• Provision and manage interfaces and circuit packs

• Understand and provision protection switching

• Understand and manage performance monitoring

• Perform fault management tasks

Conditions for Instructor-Led Training:

• There is a maximum of 10 students.

• Lectures take place in a classroom using projector displays.

• Demonstrations and exercises are conducted in the classroom and training lab.


To be successful in this course, students should have the following skills and knowledge:

• CN06 ESD, Laser Safety and Fiber Cleaning self paced courseware

• Working knowledge of fiber optics and digital communications technology.

Recommended: Ciena’s Optical Communications – Associate (OC-A) Certification.


The average time for this training course is 2 days.

Kit Outline:

• Overview

• Documentation

• Hardware overview

• Hardware installation

• Web User Interface (WUI)

• Security

• Data communications

• Synchronization

• Commissioning and testing

• Provisioning

• Protection switching

• Performance monitoring

• Fault management